Ethical principles

As part of promoting its own development through the achievement of predefined objectives, Casa di Cura San Giovanni srl, hereinafter referred to as CDC:

  1. undertakes to ascertain which principles are essential in its operations to ensure honesty and compliance with regulations in force in Italy and, in particular, in the region of Lombardy. All Recipients are required to be familiar with and respect the laws and codes of conduct concerning their profession to the extent applicable to their work;
  2. pursues excellence in the delivery of its services, in the professional skills and it the commitment of its doctors and employees;
  3. develops continues actions for improving services and business processes, aimed at the physical integrity and the respect of the patient, at their satisfaction, at the protection of employees, and at the competence, knowledge and skills of health professionals, administrative staff and technical personnel;
  4. ensures the availability of the best possible diagnosis and treatment services in terms of appropriateness, timeliness, efficiency, consistency and continuity required by the patient, to which it provides the most comprehensive information on the treatment selected;
  5. guarantees its physicians and employees work environments that comply with health and safety regulations and are characterised by high quality;
  6. does not tolerate in any way or promote behaviour among its employees not compliant with the law;
  7. recognises in its employee base, the fundamental and irreplaceable asset for its success, with a focus, in the management of labour and collaborator relations, on the full respect of employees’ rights, promoting the highest levels of professional development and abstaining from any discriminatory behaviour;
  8. undertakes to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of technological resources needed to disseminate and consolidate a culture focused on safety, developing the awareness of risks and demanding responsible behaviour on the part of all Recipients;
  9. identifies, in the continuous improvement of corporate processes and systems, the necessary condition for the pursuit of excellence, encouraging the professional growth of collaborators and employees;
  10. promotes innovation, scientific research, training and education;
  11. pays the utmost attention to ensure situations characterised by a potential for conflicts of interest are avoided al all costs and in all contexts;
  12. guarantees the confidentiality of information in its possession and refrains from searching and handling confidential data, except in explicit cases and subject to the acquisition of informed authorisation and/or compliance with applicable legal norms;
  13. recognises the importance of respecting the environment and calls for the evaluation, on the part of Recipients, of the environmental impact of their decisions in order to minimise any adverse effects;
  14. schedules its activities by seeking the best possible balance between economic initiatives and environmental needs;
  15. prohibits all Recipients to accept, offer or promise, directly or indirectly, money, gifts, services or favours not due, within the scope of relationships maintained with public officers or public servants.

The Code of Ethics has been prepared on the basis of the

Corporate Organisational Model

pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.

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