This document defines, at present, the corporate policy on aspects regarding the quality management system. The document is drawn up by the Directorate-General and aims to define the general guidelines for the provision of health services. The document:

  • lays down the requirements and principles of the Reference standards
  • is disseminated to corporate employees to ensure compliance and familiarity with its content
  • is revised every three years based on management results, statutory and regulatory requirements and stakeholder interest.

The information contained in this Document concerning Company Policy has as its main objective:

  • compliance with the mandatory requirements contained in applicable Legislative Regulations
  • the effective and efficient management of business processes
  • continuous improvement
  • the continuous satisfaction of Stakeholders (Patients, Institutions)
  • the development of a service improvement strategy and of the relative improvement actions.

Corporate Mission

The Casa di Cura San Giovanni clinic aims to provide customers with quality prevention, care and treatment health services in the fields in which it is authorised to operate, based on values of equality, fairness, freedom of choice and quality. Taking into account the expectations of the user base, consisting in:

  • competence of medical and nursing staff
  • availability and politeness in interpersonal relationships
  • professionalism and confidentiality of staff
  • short waiting times
  • clarity in the provision of information
  • comfort and adequacy of the structure.

The objectives that the Quality Policy, established by the Directorate-General, aims to achieve are:

  • develop, produce and supply health, catering and accommodation services that meet the expectations of the user base in terms of reliability;
  • develop, produce and supply the services in question according to the expectations of the user base in terms of quality, explicitly as well as implicitly;
  • develop, produce and supply the services in question according to the needs and expectations of the user base, in compliance with applicable norms, laws and regulations;
  • adopt the quality standards set out by the Joint International Commission;
  • continue work on the expansion and renovation of the clinic.

The Casa di Cura San Giovanni clinic undertakes the following commitments:

  • ensure, through the organisation of work, an environment respectful to personnel and to their responsibilities
  • ensure the professional and human growth of all personnel, through a particular focus on the needs and attitudes of the individual employees
  • enhance and support the professional growth of all collaborators that offer their services at the clinic
  • ensure the resources necessary for the continuous improvement of the predefined quality standards, through the development and delivery of appropriate services.

Through its personnel and resources, our Company therefore operates according to the following operating principles:

  • maintaining a high level of know-how and expertise;
  • motivating personnel through the implementation of training and professional development programmes aimed at every company level, as well as a strong focus on Quality;
  • optimising the overall corporate efficiency through the attentive and continuous management of resources;
  • ensuring that the Service Charter is attended to at all corporate levels.

The Directorate-General undertakes to adopt a new version of this document every three years.

May 2016

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